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The extended rear bar of The Phoenix has a jazz theme with live jazz sessions, usually with free entry.

First and third Sundays of the month: Firebird Quartet Jazz North Ambassador Artist Firebird Quartet deliver enough sophistication for any contemporary jazz audience but with a sense of groove that everyone will enjoy...

Second Sundays: Chris Moore/Georg Rueschemeyer Band Brilliant local pianist/bassplayer team plus guests. Broad repertoire including Monk, MIngus, Wayne Shorter aswell as original compositions.

Fourth and fifth Sundays: Guest jazz bands. Featuring some of the finest upcoming aswell as established musicians in the North of England!

First and third Monday: The Mike Conliffe Quartet: Pianist Mike Conliffe hosts a rotating support of established musicians from around the country. A fantastic residency keeping the audience on the edge of their seats!

Second and fifth Mondays : Croft/Mullen Band Jazz/Soul/Blues with singer Rachel Croft, Karl Mullen and various guest rhythm sections.

Every Wednesday: Jazz House Band plus Open Jam Session Led by James Lancaster. Legendary jam session since 1999! All players welcome! Great atmosphere!

Third Thursday of the Month: Bad Saloon blues band. Heavily influenced by the 'usual suspects' - Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Freddie King and the like - but with its own distinctive attacking sound.

Bad Saloon, made up of John Hall, Mal Wignall, Pete Hull and Gaz Cole - all veterans of the Yorkshire music scene - delivers a cool, no-nonsense blend of Chicago blues and Texas blues rock.

Every Friday: Karl Mullen, solo piano.

Boogie woogie, blues, jazz, classical, pop and allsorts! Guest singers and players welcome


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