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Originally dating back to the late eighteenth century, the current internal character of the Phoenix Inn derives from a late nineteenth century refit - its front arrangement of public bar (originally the 'best smoke room'), side corridor with stand-up lobby, and top-glazed dividing screen, stemming from 1897 designs for John Smith's brewery by Tadcaster architects, Bromet and Thorman.

http://blueboxsupport.com/dev/phoenixinn/img/phoenix%20inn6.pngAdjacent to the Fishergate bar, The Phoenix Inn is the last surviving pub inside the city walls which served the old cattle market, held within Fishergate Bar until 1827. It may have taken its present name from the Phoenix Iron Foundry, which was situated behind Fishergate Postern. In the early part of the nineteenth century the pub was known as the Labour in Vain and later became the Phoenix, taking its name from the Phoenix iron smelting foundary which stood opposite the pub in the mid 1800’s.

The pub was bought by Tim & Val Everton in 2008 and following a year of smpathetic restoration, the pub re-opened in October 2009. 

The Phoenix has become a haven for real ale and live jazz, having won numerous awards over the years for both.

Whether walking the city’s walls or it’s pavements, you can be sure of a warm welcome at the Phoenix Inn.

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